Kickstarter: Braven Arts

Braven Arts, by developer Gomiya Games, may make some of you immediately nostalgic. It’s a 2D turn-based RPG inspired by classic JRPGs like Suikoden and Chrono Trigger. The game is set in Asteon, a vast world ravaged by magic and turning quickly into an age of technology, with five distinct explorable continents. The battle system, the meat of the gameplay, is described by the devs as a cross between Mega Man Battle Network and Final Fantasy X. Battles take place on 2 sets of 4×4 tiles, the player’s party on one set and the enemies on the other, and players can set certain elements to tiles, summon creatures and place objects to help them fight, as seen in the image above.

The player will take the role of Graham Folvere, a leader of a neutral guild in a world of tenuous peace who must investigate the death of Councilor Akasche, the eldest member of the Arc Council, a group of governing mages who believe they can regulate the control of magic and use it to push the world of Asteon positively. An opposing faction, the Remo Magi, have attracted much suspicion in the wake of this councilman’s death due to their fear of magic and support of the growth of technology. It will be up to Graham, a former mercenary, to get to the bottom of things before all hope for peace is lost. The story will be further bolstered by dynamic dialogue interactions with the player’s party, as they comment on the events of the story unfolding.

Braven Arts is just at the beginning of its modest Kickstarter campaign; the devs are asking for $20,000 and have plenty of stretch goals lined up to plan for the future of the campaign, as well as some neat perks. They are planning on releasing initially for PC, Mac and Linux. If you’re interested in learning more about the game, their campaign can be found here.

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